How to Rank in 2023: The SEO Cyprus Checklist

As it is, it’s hard enough to explain to people who are unfamiliar with SEO Cyprus practises how to rank a website on the top pages of the search engines. Let alone, that in the competitive industry and world we are living in, to do well you need to have extensive knowledge on a wide variety of detailed subjects.

Below, I will cover a six-point checklist of what needs to be done for Search Engine Optimization Cyprus in order to start receiving results.


1. Crawlable & Accessible URLs

URLs are super important when it comes to ranking. We want Google Bots to scan the page, understand the content that is on the specific page, understand images & visuals, videos or embeds, including anything else that is on the page. This allows Google Bots to insert this information into their web index. This first step is crucial, and when not done right, then do not even consider the other points.


2.  Keyword Research

Keyword research is also of utter importance in our SEO Cyprus process. We need to research and discover the words/phrases that search engine searchers are using to solve a problem that lies into your industry. In a few words, we need to get into the users’ shoes. Those keywords should always be what your website’s content is trying to solve.

What we need for each page is a primary keyword as well as a set of secondary keywords that are familiar with the searcher’s intent. At DomainStar, we provide clients with Average Monthly Searches & Competitiveness for each keyword and advise them how to go about choosing them. When this is done, then we have a set of keywords ready to be optimised in the site.

There is a very informative guide on how to perform keyword research in 3 simple steps, which we have prepared.


3. SERP Investigation to Find Out What Google Thinks is Relevant to Users

By the term SERP Investigation, I mean performing a search query in Google and figure out which keywords are similar to your primary keyword. Google also indicates the keywords with high searches, which are more likely to bring traffic to your website.

You always must question yourself, “What content does Google believe answers the users’ query based on the specific keyword?”. Basically, we are trying to figure out the user’s intent, the content required to address their intent, and every other missing piece.

You can also utilise Google Trends to identify search terms that have gained volume or to identify seasonal trends.


4. Create High Quality and Authority Content

High quality and authoritative content are always a must in SEO Cyprus processes. The answer is simple, content solves users’ problems as well as allows social sharing to kick-start, making our content credible. This also helps with our link building practices. Hence, content has always been described as “King”.

Low quality content will result in low rankings and the explanation is easy. When Google crawls your site and realizes that you provide low-quality content, then it will rank business with higher quality content that educate the users. This is because Google and visitors are actually frustrated with your results.


5. Optimized Meta Tags

Title tags are an extremely important factor for both Search Engine Optimization Cyprus and search user experience. Writing them effectively is efficient, since it is where keywords/phrases will be used for Google to crawl and understand. It is considered to be a high-impact SEO task. Below are some critical recommendations when optimizing title tags for usability and search engine goals:

  • Title Length – If your title length is too long, then search engines will probably cut it out to the correct length leaving an important part of your title out.
  • Do not Overdo SEO Keywords – Overstuffing keywords may result to Google penalizing your site, as this creates a bad user experience.
  • Important Keywords First – Putting keywords at the beginning of your Title Tag is a better practice, as users most of the times scan the first 2 words of the sentence.


We have created a detailed article for on-site optimisation and how it differs from off-site optimisation.

6. Optimize for Page Speed

Google has signalled that Page Speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages higher. Nonetheless, slow page speed may mean that Google may not be able to crawl all pages of your site, meaning that this will affect indexation.

Also, page speed is super important for user experience. Slow page speeds always lead to higher bounce rates and subsequently lower conversions.

Additionally, you can view the most important pillars of an effective SEO strategy. Here at DomainStar, we care a lot about your SEO Cyprus Rankings. Contact Us and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: How to find the best Cyprus search engine optimization companies?

A: It’s simple… Type in Google any keyword-related search, such as ‘SEO Cyprus’ or ‘SEO Agency in Cyprus’ and choose the 1st search result. It is definitely proof that their SEO formula works as they are ranking 1st in a very competitive market.

Q: What are the default search engine optimisation costs in Cyprus?

A: The monthly fee/cost for performing SEO services starts at 500 Euros (excl. VAT). However, the price may change depending on the needs of the client.

We have also gathered and answered the 12 most common SEO FAQs. Do not miss this!

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