8 Tips for a Modern Website Design

Creating an attractive and user-friendly Website Design in Cyprus is essential for every business, whatever the field you are operating in. Your website is your business “shop” and they have become a commanding way for everyone to promote and say more about their business. The success of every website depends on how its web design is. Usability is of utter importance, since your website is the face of your business and therefore potential costumers will visit your site before even having a look into your store. Having an ugly and not user-friendly website keeps your business way behind competition.

The design of your website is essential for conversions. Providing great user experience is something that Google loves and results to higher conversions. Here at DomainStar, we design and develop websites that are SEO Cyprus optimized, while also providing a great & simple user experience. Below are 8 tips we have come up when developing a website:


1. Simple & Creative

The design of your website is what users first notice when they enter a site, something I believe everyone agrees with. Users are after content that will serve their needs. Therefore, writing relevant and easy to understand content will catch the users’ attention. Clean & simple designs are the best practice because users want to be able to navigate from one page to another effortlessly.

White spaces are also very important for design and usability purposes. It makes your content look clean and words distinguished. Simple, clean & creative is what Google loves and ranks you higher in their search engine.


2. Consistency

Consistency in web design Cyprus matters a lot. Fonts, sizes, headings, sub-headings as well as CTA’s must be consistent throughout the website. It is essential in web design for both visual elements as well as functionality. Consistency ensures that your website looks coherent and works harmoniously across all its different elements, such as headers, footers, sidebars and navigation bars. The most important part is that it gives your users a more positive experience.


3. Readability

No matter how much of your attention you give on your website’s design, text will also play a huge role in usability. Text provides users with the desired information. Text is what Google’s crawlers give the most attention to, which makes it an integral part of our SEO Cyprus activities. Typography should be visually appealing and readable to users. This will help your website rank higher in the search engines.


4. Mobile Compatibility

It is no secret that users and the world in general spend more time surfing the internet using their mobile devices than their laptops. Therefore, this makes it very important to create a website that is mobile compatible. Businesses who do have a website but it’s not mobile compatible are losing hugely on potential clients. Talking from personal experience as well, when visiting a website that is not mobile friendly makes me frustrated and therefore results to me leaving the site immediately. Non mobile compatible sites have huge bounce rates. This is a fact!


5. Loading Time Optimization

Loading time is what affects the bounce rate in a website. No one is a fan of a website that takes ages to load. The last thing you want for your business, is for users to lose interest and move on to other websites that load faster than yours. Slow loading times will result in lower engagements in your site, which also results to Google penalizing rankings.


6. Easy Navigation

Another important factor for designing a modern 2020 website is user navigation. Without the correct navigation, users can get lost in the website which is considered a bad user experience. Studies have shown that users stay more time on websites that have an easy and effective navigation process. Users should always get the information they are looking for with 3-4 clicks. The less the clicks the better.


7. Content Communication

Users visit a specific website in order to acquire the correct information. If your website can communicate the correct information to the users, then this will probably result to lower bounce rates and users spending more time in your pages. When writing the content, you should always take into consideration including Headings, Sub-heading and using bullet points instead of long sentences that can make users bored.


8. Social Media Integrations

Social media integrations play a massive role in promoting your business through your website. These include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and many more high authority networks. Also, giving the capability for users to share your link, always helps with your rankings as you gain yourself higher authority which Google loves.


Let’s Wrap it Up

The above simple 8 tips can get your online business presence started. Building an attractive website is not always complicated and is considered essential in 2020. Nonetheless, without the above base, it would be extremely difficult to travel a long path. Only with a clean, user-friendly website you can think of success.

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