SEO Tips: 5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Rankings Today

Optimising your website to improve your search engine rankings is an important element in maintaining your website. 

Usually many small and medium-sized business owners don’t have the time to dedicate to regular SEO maintenance or studying the newest in what works and what doesn’t, therefore, we’ve come up with this list of quick recommendations to enhance your SEO ranking now. See below the SEO Tips:

1) Improve your page loading speed

This is one of the most important elements, for several reasons.

When your page speed is too slow, Google will notice and your rankings will drop.

Not only will Google penalise you, but your users’ experience will suffer too, affecting their interaction with your page and potentially you will end up losing existing and potential customers and revenue. 

2) Develop a link-building strategy

Link building is an essential element to boost organic SEO rankings.

Internal links connect pages within the same domain, whereas backlinks are links that bring referral traffic back to your website from other websites, both help to increase your page’s ranking performance as well as the authority of your site in search engines.

Internal linking also improves user experience by making it easier to navigate your page. Not only is this preferred by Google, but it also enhances the potential that customers will spend more time exploring, engage more, and return to your page.

Backlinking happens when legit websites display a link to your website – this sort of link building is a little more complex and can take dedication and time to accomplish. One method is to create high-quality information that others will want to reference.

Links also inform Google what your website is about, so make sure to link to any blogs or sites that mention your products or services.

3) Optimise alt tags

Did you know that by adding photos or videos on your website, you not only improve the user experience, but you also have more opportunities for optimization?

Alt tags provide a text alternative for whatever the picture or video’s content is, which makes your website more visible when someone searches for relevant material.

Being descriptive, relevant, and specific are the three best techniques for optimising your alt tags.

4) Content creation

Content is critical for your SEO strategy to be successful, and it’s one of the most important search engine ranking factors.

The key to creating valuable material is to know what your audience wants! 

Product pages, blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, and other types of SEO content are some of the examples of the content you can create.

5) Utilise social media

Even though social media do not directly contribute to your organic SEO rankings, they can still influence the social signals they provide!

When sharing and liking a post you not only improve your visibility but also your brand recognition and reputation, as well as increase organic traffic! 

Here’re 5 strategies to use social media to boost your SEO: 

  1. Maintain your blog and include share buttons on each post
  2. Invite others to share your page
  3. Giveaways or competition is always a good booster as they push people to like, share and comment on your post
  4. Link or highlight your post with other businesses that you work with
  5. Try to be more engaging with your audience by answering any queries they might have left on your content.

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