Your Guide to Using Instagram Shop for Business

Did you know that setting up an Instagram Shop is a great way to boost your business’s traffic but also create a unique shopping experience for your clients?

This tool allows you to build your own online store within the Instagram app for free, in order for customers to discover and buy your products with just one tap, allowing them to live a smooth shopping experience without the need of a pc or laptop and the hustle that comes with it!

Benefits of Using Instagram Shop

Setting up an Instagram shop will not only give your customers easy access to your products, but it will make things easier for you and your company if you want to expand in the online market!.

Shopping tags when uploading your photos, for example, allow users to find things in a matter of time – thus browsing your products and making quick purchases, without visiting your company’s main website. In addition, people are also able to find and buy your products through hashtag (#) searches, when you are placing an ad through Feed and/or Insta. Stories. 

Whatever medium you choose to market your products – whether this is photographs, Reels, or Stories – we can assure you it will work! Visual marketing encourages customers to make quick buying decisions, and at the same time, you’re also enhancing your brand as a worthwhile shopping choice. And finally, the more likes your posts receive with shopping-related hashtags, the more likely you will appear on Instagram’s Explore page.

The days of an online consumer having to click on several links to find your products are long gone… Now, with Instagram, you can simplify the shopping process by bringing your storefront right to your customers, for a better chance that their buying intentions become an actual purchase with just a few quick clicks and swipes.

Setting Up your Instagram Shop

Even if your company already complies with Instagram’s commerce policies, there are some things you should take into consideration when setting up an Instagram shop, and these are the following:

  • Register your account as an Instagram business account
  • Be located in a supported market
  • Only sell physical and eligible products
  • Connect your business to a Facebook Page

Just like any other physical or online shop, all products need to have a catalog with relevant descriptions. A product catalog can be added to your account using the Commerce Manager tool from Facebook Business Manager or using an e-commerce platform manager like Shopify or BigCommerce. Once the product catalog is created you will need to submit your account for review.

Upon approval of your shopping account, Turn on the shopping option, so that customers can start making their purchases. 

Promoting Your Products on Instagram Shop

Now that you have set up your Shop, it’s time to spread the word and create some traffic!

The greatest strategy to advertise your products on Instagram Shop is through unique, eye-catching posts that people will want to click on!

One way of doing this is through shoppable posts! This is when the shopping bag icon appears in the bottom-left corner of an image, indicating that the specific post is shoppable.

When a user clicks on the image, the product’s tag with the name and price of the item appears, encouraging them to click on it and be directed to the Instagram Shop. 

You can tag up to five shoppable products per post if you sell apparel or other merchandise and have several items in a photo. This makes it simpler and quicker for the customer to buy multiple items at the same time. 

Ways to Promote Your Products

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are also a fantastic way to promote your company’s products, with the use of a product sticker – this works just like a shoppable post. The product sticker allows the customer to learn more about the product and, ideally, to buy it. Customers can also see the full Instagram Shop by using the Swipe Up feature!

Despite the fact that Reels are still a relatively recent addition to Instagram, companies seem to benefit from their popularity and reach by sharing entertaining and interesting films that highlight their products. Business owners can identify products within a Reel to make it simple for customers to shop directly from it, just like a shoppable post or story.


Using hashtags (#) when creating a shoppable post is also a great way to increase the visibility of your products in hashtag searches, as well as on the Shop and Explore page. Try using generic hashtags like #shoplocal, #shoponline, and #shopinstagram.

Instagram Shopping Ads

If you want to attract new customers, then Instagram Shopping Ads will be your new best friend! Using Instagram’s Ads Manager, you can create two different types of advertisements – one with product tags and checkout or ads with just product tags. The best strategy to locate new potential customers and re-engage customers who have previously expressed interest in your items is to create shoppable advertisements.

Influencer Marketing

Last but not least, Influencer marketing has proved to be a really good strategy for companies that need extra exposure. Creators and influencers are now allowed to promote products through brand partnerships and tag brand products in their posts.

In this way, users will be able to click on the product tag to make a purchase, just like they would with a typical shoppable post.

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