Google Makes It Easy To Create Video Ads

Ever thought about creating Video ads?
For most people video ads are frustrating or annoying, but for businesses… oh boy it’s heaven!

And what a better way to do it using Google Ads and its updated templates! Yes, you’ve heard right – businesses can now produce video advertising in just a few minutes. 

Google has launched 14 templates available in the video ad production tool, all of them designed for you according to your needs and goals – for showcasing products and/or services, promoting sales events, encouraging app downloads, adding brand colour, voice-overs from Google’s audio collection on YouTube ads and more.

In a recent blog post Google mentioned that these designs have been specifically implemented for YouTube in order to make all adverts stand out, allowing a CTA (call to action) for optimum functionality and results, and at the same time enabling you to focus on other things such as market targeting and strategy.

Adding a Voice-Over

Thanks to Google’s AI technologies, you can now convert text into realistic-sounding speech to overlay on YouTube video ads!

According to Google these voice overs are “near human quality” and specially designed for advertising purposes – this function can be found on the Google Ads asset library. 

Automated voice-overs are available in 10 languages including English, Filipino, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Swedish.

Google Ads Asset Storage

Google’s new asset library allows you to access past and existing campaigns, as well as organize and create better images and videos in the best possible way. 

This tool encourages better collaboration as it is quite useful and helpful for big teams who are working on the same campaigns.

The asset library enables people to upload their creatives more than once, therefore having access to the same photos and videos for all campaigns.

This feature can be found on Performance Max, Discovery, App, Local, Display campaigns and some  ad extensions.

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