5 Tips for Choosing the Best Website Design Company Cyprus

Have you spent thousands of Euros on your website but haven’t received anything in return to show? Is your website a jewel, in terms of website design, but has no return on investment in the form of leads? Are you disappointed with the navigation and overall performance of your website? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you are not alone! A recent study showed that most website owners are in fact very disappointed with their website designs, even after investing a lot of time and money. Let’s cut to the chase…we offer tailored web design services in Cyprus. Below, we explain the 5 most useful tips when choosing a website design company in Cyprus.

Experience Matters – Portfolio of Each Agency

How long has a web design and development agency been in business? Who are its clients? The success of an agency can be determined by its portfolio. The portfolio demonstrates the quality of the agency’s work and how it has served its clients, both past and present. It is proof that an agency has done before what it promises to do for you now. If an agency is new, surprisingly inexpensive, with few clients or only short-term clients, or a poor portfolio, there is good reason for a brand to question whether that agency would serve its online needs.

The Agency’s Own Website

It goes without saying that any website design company will firstly invest time and effort on their own website. This indicates that they actually care and are good at what they do! If their website is poorly designed, without taking into consideration the users’ experience, then there is a great chance that you will receive similar pieces of work. However, sometimes we tend to criticise something without actually analysing it deeper. We recommend that you check the overall performance of their website, how high they rank in search engines (Google), how much is their score in the mobile friendly test and how fast is the website’s loading speed (Google Pagespeed Insights).

Get The Whole Package

You can get a separate website designer, website developer, inbound marketing specialist and UX/UI designer. As a matter of fact, many Cypriot companies do this. However, we strongly suggest that you hire one company to address all of your digital/online needs and tasks. Having a website design company Cyprus that also provides inbound marketing & UX/UI services is a great way for you to save money and have a single point of contact for all your queries and questions.

Help and Support

Many companies learn the importance of technical support only after their website crisis has begun. In times of trouble, or even times of mild annoyance, the importance of competent, reliable, and reassuring technical support becomes obvious. Professional 24/7 technical support for a website is always a good investment.

Check Their Ratings

As with any company, online credibility is the single most important factor for the long term success and prosperity. Today, most customers leave online reviews and ratings for the products or services they have acquired. These reviews and ratings provide the customer with the information required to make a decision when choosing the best website design company Cyprus. Therefore, before you use any company, it is imperative that you check their ratings and reviews. You can always find reviews on Bark, Yell, Facebook and many more.

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