Inbound Marketing: 3 Ways It Can Benefit Your Business

What is Inbound Marketing?

The term inbound marketing has become more and more popular in the marketing/advertising world over the past years. Inbound marketing is defined as a business approach that attracts users/customers by creating content and experiences which are valuable and tailored for the end customer. While the traditional outbound marketing spams and interrupts your audience with content they don’t care about; inbound marketing builds the trust and relationships required to solve the problem/s they already have.

As HubSpot specified, “It’s just one part of a larger movement in the business world. It’s the foundation for the idea that it’s not enough to just attract people to your website. You have to continue to help, support, and empower them well after they become a customer.” This is how your company grows, by making sure that both Marketing, Sales and Client Service are constantly focused on how to assist current and potential customers.

From the biggest corporations to local coffee shops, marketing is seeing a shift from outbound to inbound. But what makes inbound strategy so advantageous? We outline below three specific ways on how inbound marketing can benefit your business:

1. Cost Effective Marketing – Less Cost for More Exposure

Inbound marketing is much cheaper and more effective in comparison to outbound marketing. You may ask, Why? Well the answer is simple! Instead of blind-firing your value proposition to places where your audience “is”, your audience comes to you and thus you learn your audience. Through this exchange you’re able to understand them and provide a unique service to them.

2. Enhanced Customer Relations

At the core of this new marketing technique is its customer-focused strategy. An evident implication of customers at the forefront is improved customer-business relations. This can be mastered through offering valuable content and learning more about customers.

Beyond offering value to your customers, the implication of improved customer relation, through producing content, can leverage your business. This can be done by improving the company’s branding, increasing recurring sales, achieving greater marketing reach and increased leads.

3. Transparency in terms of ROI & Metrics

Finally, this new marketing technique can benefit your business by providing your company with a more transparent measure of your marketing initiative’s success. A transparent and measurable marketing campaign allows your company to view areas of improvement in its marketing plan to further leverage customer relations. This leverage touches upon your business’s overall functioning, informing you whether or not its your marketing that needs improvement.


In summary, it is evident that inbound marketing can definitely leverage any business. The combination of cost effective marketing, enhanced customer relations and transparency in ROI are just a few of the advantages that are offered from inbound marketing. If you would like to discuss more about inbound marketing, then please ping us a message and we will be glad to take it further.

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