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You need to think as your customers do. If someone wants to learn about something, purchase an item or service, then the first thing would be to search for it. If you appear in the first search results then the chances are that you will get the sale! Think about it!


Cyprus Process

They Are Looking For You… We Can Help Them Find You! SEO IS and HAS always been the natural online way of increasing your clientele

01 Discovery

The discovery phase is usually comprised of the first meeting with the client along with understanding the client business’ objectives and end goals. We will listen to your objectives & goals and consult you along the way. Once this is done we then move to auditing your website in order to identify all SEO related issues.

02 SEO Audit

One of the very first deliverables of our SEO Cyprus formula is to audit the client’s website. This will enable DomainStar to analyse and identify all of the SEO related issues. These issues fall under the following categories:

  1. Content Issues
  2. Visibility Issues
  3. Image Issues
  4. Broken Links Issues
  5. Meta Data Issues
  6. Semantic Issues


A detailed report is provided to the client, which outlines all of the SEO issues. This acts as a backbone to our SEO efforts.

03 Keyword Research

The Keyword Research phase is considered one of the most important steps in an SEO project. With the help of the client, we identify all of the keywords based on the desired client services and/or products. Once we have the full list of the requested keywords, we then proceed to their analysis. Next to each keyword, we outline the average monthly searches along with the level of competitiveness. Based on the results and the client’s objectives we create a long term plan which contains high hanging keywords and low hanging keywords.

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04 On Page Optimisation

On Page Optimisation is comprised of many aspects such as:
  1. Technical website audit
  2. Creation and implementation of articles/blog posts
  3. Creation of consistent Meta Data – including Meta Titles, Meta Alt Text & Meta Description
  4. Fixing Toxic and broken links

You can learn more by pinging us an email.

05 Off Page Optimisation

Off Page Optimisation encompasses all the actions that happen outside the website but directly affect the SEO efforts. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. BackLink Building Strategy
  2. Press Releases


You can always learn more on how to rank your website in 2020, with our SEO Checklist.

06 Reporting & Monitoring

The final part of the process and the most important, client-wise, is the Analysis & Reporting of the achievements. We offer end-of-month reports that explain in detail what was achieved in terms visibility and conversion rates while linking this back to the SEO investment, which is what actually matters. Everything is incorporated to the overall digital marketing strategy! Furthermore, you can always learn more about the important factors of an effective SEO Strategy in Cyprus.