How to write Google ads copy that converts more clicks


On average, people perform 2.3 million Google searches per second, making it essential for businesses to effectively utilize Google Ads to reach their target audience. Crafting compelling ad copy is crucial for driving clicks and conversions. In this article, we will explore proven strategies and best practices to write Google Ads copy that maximizes clicks and boosts your ad campaign’s success.

Understand the Power of Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of effective Google Ads copy. By strategically using keywords that match user search queries, you can increase ad relevance and capture the attention of potential customers. Ensure to maintain a tight focus by using 1-3 tightly related keywords in each ad group. Experiment with keyword placement in the URL, headline, and description to find the optimal formula that resonates with your target audience.

Be Concise and Specific

Google Ads users have specific intents when clicking on ads, so it’s vital to address their needs directly. Customize your ad copy to match their search queries, employing relevant keywords and phrases. Specificity and credibility can be enhanced by including numerical data, such as the number of customers served or the savings achieved. Ensure your ad copy and landing page URL align with the searcher’s intent, assuring them that they have found what they were looking for.

Utilize Effective Calls to Action (CTAs)

A compelling call to action is crucial to encourage users to take the desired action. Experiment with different CTA placements, such as in the headline or description text, to determine what drives the most clicks. Choose actionable words that inspire action and convey a sense of urgency. Popular CTAs include “Get,” “Save,” and “Free.” Additionally, drawing inspiration from a list of power words can add emotional appeal to your CTA copy.

Maintain Cohesion Between Ad Copy and Landing Page

To ensure a seamless user experience, your landing page should mirror the CTA and messaging of your ad copy. Keep your landing page CTA consistent with your ad, using clear and direct language. Use first-person language and keep the copy concise to eliminate any ambiguity. Make sure your CTA is prominently placed above the fold and surrounded by ample white space for better visibility.


Crafting Google Ads copy that converts more clicks requires a strategic approach. By understanding the power of keywords, being concise and specific, utilizing effective CTAs, and maintaining cohesion with your landing page, you can significantly improve the success of your ad campaigns. Don’t forget to continuously test and refine your ad copy to optimize results and drive more conversions. With these tips and best practices, you’ll be well-equipped to write Google Ads copy that attracts clicks and propels your business forward.

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