10 Types of Google Ads Extensions and How to Use Them


Google Ads extensions are powerful tools that can enhance your ad campaigns by providing additional information, increasing visibility, and driving higher click-through rates. With a variety of extension options available, it’s important to understand their functionalities and how to utilize them effectively. This article will explore ten Types of Google Ads Extensions and provide insights on how to use them to maximize your advertising efforts.

1. Sitelink Extensions:

Sitelink extensions allow you to add additional links below your ad, directing users to specific pages on your website. Use sitelinks to highlight popular products, services, or specific landing pages for deeper engagement.

2. Callout Extensions:

Callout extensions provide extra text that highlights unique selling points, promotions, or key benefits of your products or services. Use callouts to emphasize free shipping, 24/7 customer support, or limited-time offers.

3. Structured Snippet Extensions:

Structured snippet extensions enable you to highlight specific aspects or categories of your business. These extensions can showcase product lines, service categories, or key features to help users better understand what you offer.

4. Call Extensions:

Call extensions allow users to directly contact your business by clicking on a phone number displayed in your ad. Use call extensions to generate leads and allow potential customers to reach out immediately.

5. Location Extensions:

Location extensions are valuable for businesses with physical stores or offices. They display your business address, phone number, and a map icon within your ad, making it easier for users to find and visit your locations.

6. Affiliate Location Extensions:

If you collaborate with affiliate businesses to sell your products, affiliate location extensions display the addresses of those businesses alongside your ad. This extension is useful for expanding your reach and increasing conversions.

7. Price Extensions:

Price extensions enable you to showcase pricing information for specific products or services directly within your ad. Use this extension to attract price-conscious users and provide transparency about your offerings.

8. Promotion Extensions:

Promotion extensions allow you to highlight special offers, discounts, or sales happening within your business. Incorporating time-sensitive promotions can boost click-through rates and drive immediate conversions.

9. App Extensions:

App extensions encourage users to download your mobile application by including a direct link to the app store within your ad. If you have a mobile app, this extension can increase app installations and user engagement.

10. Review Extensions:

Review extensions display positive reviews or accolades from reputable third-party sources within your ad. These extensions build trust and credibility, improving the likelihood of users clicking on your ad.


By leveraging the various types of Google Ads extensions available, you can extend the reach and impact of your advertising campaigns. Sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, and other extension types provide valuable information to users, increasing engagement and maximizing click-through rates. Remember to align your chosen extensions with your campaign goals and utilize their functionalities effectively to enhance your advertising efforts on the Google Ads platform. Keep experimenting and analyzing the performance of each extension to optimize your campaigns and achieve better results.

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