How Important is Content for SEO?

Content is the most critical aspect for SEO; without it, search engines will not be able to properly index your pages and improve their ranking, thus leaving them in cyberspace with no leads nor visitors. Having a bad SEO content strategy means that your pages will never be seen or shared. This is the number one fault of any SEO Agency in Cyprus.

Investing in good SEO content will definitely improve your visibility on search engines, which drives organic traffic to your website which eventually leads to users purchasing your products or acquiring your services.

What is SEO Content?

Written content such as blogs, articles, case studies, as well as visual content (i.e: photos and video) and audio are all examples of content that you can include on your website.

​​Google and other search engines seek to provide users with useful and relevant search results. Therefore, the aforementioned SEO Content should be as unique as possible, interesting enough and above all relevant to your business, and according to your target market’s needs in order for the search engines to place your business on the first page of search results (SERPs).

How to Write SEO Content!

SEO Content cannot be any random content; it must be of high quality and beneficial to the visitor. The user experience is a big aspect on how Google chooses which material should be at the top of the search results.

Having said this, if you are a blog writer, the best strategy to rank your posts is to publish content that takes a fresh approach to your chosen topic or adds more value than other websites that provide the same subject. In a few words, the best thing to do is add character to your content! You can contact an SEO Agency Cyprus to learn more.

Things to Take into Consideration


Long pieces of content that are usually more than 1000 words have been demonstrated to rank higher in search engines but that does not mean that you have to write long paragraphs too! Your paragraphs should be short, ideally no more than 3-4 sentences in order to keep the interest of the reader. 


Content with a specific reading level helps the reader to easily understand what you want to say. Try making the content accessible to a larger audience that can benefit from it rather than downgrading your content. 

Tone of Voice

Maintaining an even tone of voice in your writing makes it easier for the reader to understand your point of view. These elements play an important role in readability as well.


The way you structure your content is vital. Why not use headlines throughout the article or bullet points to navigate the reader easily as they read along?
Using these elements you determine which points are important in order for the reader to pay attention. Visuals, such as photos, graphs and tables also can come in handy! 


Keywords assist search engines to understand what your subject is about. They can also help you decide on what subject to write about, based on the traffic generated by each search – the higher the search traffic, the more people will read your content.


Internal linking to other pages on your website and backlinks from other websites, can also enhance SEO in Cyprus, due to the fact that it’s something extra added to your existing content which adds credibility, especially if the other domains have high Domain & Page Authority.

Alt Text

This is the text used to describe an image for accessibility purposes. Specific keywords with proven searches are used to optimize images with the purpose to rank those images in the search engines.

Most Common Mistakes in SEO Content to Avoid

Using the Wrong Keywords 

Looking for keywords with high competition may not be the best strategy, since it will be more difficult to rank on the 1st position, let alone the 1st page. Try searching for long tail keywords – up to 5 words with high search traffic but low competition.

Using Too Many Keywords

Did you know that the ideal keyword per page is one? Still, there’s no need to “bombard” your page with this keyword. Instead, we advise that you maintain a moderate density of that specific keyword. Keyword stuffiness results in penalties from Google!

Duplicating Content

Original content is highly accepted by Google! Therefore avoid duplicating content to your website or content! 

Lack of SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Titles and Meta Descriptions help search engines understand what your website or content is about, so make sure that every keyword used is relevant. Make sure that the length of Meta Tags is the appropriate, the selected keyword is used in both the title & description and you will be fine!

Not Using Image Alt Tags 

Alt Tags assist people with visual or hearing problems by reading the alt text over the speaker. Alt text can be added to any visual content and is highly recommended by Google, so why not use them?

Insufficient  Linking 

Sources or further information in your content will help the user better read and “digest” the topic. Make sure your website’s pages are interlinked to take advantage of SEO feed from other pages.

Building backlinks is another significant aspect of good linking. However, avoid buying backlinks or use other black-hat methods to achieve better results.
Instead, you can try to form relationships with other websites to ask whether they can link to your content. Press releases are a great example of this!


Now that you know how important content is for SEO, learn how you can generate the right content to help your business gain more online visibility by reaching an SEO Agency in Cyprus.

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