DomainStar: Your Outsourced Marketing Team

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With more than 7 years of combined experience in the field of software development and digital performance marketing, DomainStar is a completely integrated Digital Agency in Cyprus, with expertise in a vast array of services, industries and sectors, enabling us to tailor campaigns and focus on different aspects of your marketing output, all under one […]

What can retail businesses do to adapt during the coronavirus crisis?

Coronavirus or COVID-19, has changed everyone’s lives, since its outbreak in Wuhan, China. World Meters indicates that there have been 203,569 cases of people affected by the virus and a total of 8,225 deaths. These are alarming results… and it will get worse if we don’t act on a personal level! Governments around the world […]

8 Tips for a Modern Website Design


Creating an attractive and user-friendly Website Design in Cyprus is essential for every business, whatever the field you are operating in. Your website is your business “shop” and they have become a commanding way for everyone to promote and say more about their business. The success of every website depends on how its web design […]

What Makes a User Friendly Website in Cyprus?


As time passes more and more Cypriot businesses consider having a presence in the online world. As Blue Corona stated, in a 2019 online study, “Between 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business or making a purchase with them.” This implies that part of the online success of any business depends on how ‘good’ their […]

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Website Design Company Cyprus


Have you spent thousands of Euros on your website but haven’t received anything in return to show? Is your website a jewel, in terms of website design, but has no return on investment in the form of leads? Are you disappointed with the navigation and overall performance of your website? If your answer is ‘Yes’ […]

Design and Develop a Cheap Website in 5 stages

Constructing a Cheap E-Commerce Website Having an online vision and translating it to an e-commerce website requires weighing what is available against the needs of the prospective site. Some sites will make use of Search Engine Optimization software to lead shoppers conducting a search directly to the online store. Finding the necessary resources to build […]

Optimizing WordPress Speed: 4 Mistakes to Avoid


WordPress is a fabulous platform for creating interesting and engaging websites, but if it is not correctly optimized, it can be a slow, lumbering beast! Use this quick guide to find out four of the biggest mistakes people make and avoid these pitfalls in optimizing wordpress speed. Number 1: Ignoring plugin updates Plugins are essential […]

The Ultimate Payment Gateways Guide


How to Choose the Ultimate Payment Gateway Processing payments is a crucial part of any business, therefore, choosing the right payment gateway is essential. There is a good choice of payment gateways, so the best course of action is to look through the benefits that each one offers and see which one is user-friendly and […]

Design Your Product to Convert


How to Develop a Website Conversion Strategy All website owners aim to keep their conversion rates at a maximum. However, the achievement of that aim is often elusive for most agencies simply because they are on the wrong path. Instead of designing their websites to create interest, they only fair excellently in using them as […]

WP Administration Services Masterclass


WP Administration Services: The Essential First Steps WordPress is the most popular content management system out there for a number of good reasons. It empowers millions of people with something to say to make their online voices heard. It takes the technicality out of creating and personalising a web presence. It does away with the […]