Whitehall Lending


Whitehall Lending Ltd is a specialist property lender, offering short-term finance solutions to private and corporate borrowers throughout the UK. They approached DomainStar with the need of the following services:


  1. Website Design & Development
  2. Website Server/Hosting

What we achieved:


Website Traffic


Average Bounce Rate

Responsive Website Design

Upon executing our research, we were able to design & develop a new website mainly focused on the 3 target audiences of Whitehall Lending. Furthermore, the website has been designed to be responsive in all devices including desktop, mobile & tablets.

Amazing User Interface

Having the 3 target audiences in mind, we re-designed and developed a brand new website to be used as a central channel to house their services, case studies, news & articles and to work as a consistent content communication channel with the brand’s audience.

Investor Portal Functionality

Whitehall Lending Ltd required an investor portal to be connected with the website, enabling them to provide to their clients a way to view their current investment status.

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