SOTOS Outdoor


Sotos Outdoor is the premier importer and distributor of outdoor furniture in Cyprus, with modern retail spaces in Nicosia, Limassol, and Paphos. Sotos Outdoor is not just a brand; it’s a destination for quality and style. Our services included:


  1. Website Design & Development
  2. Website Maintenance
  3. Website Hosting

What we achieved:

2m 35s

Average Engagement Time per Session


Page Load Time


Engagement Rate


Website Traffic Increase


SOTOS Outdoor, approached us with a specific problem they were facing – a low user engagement. Despite having a steady flow of traffic, the client was concerned about the lack of active user participation, limited time spent on the website, and low interaction with the provided content. After conducting a thorough analysis, our team identified several factors contributing to this problem:

  1. Unappealing Content Presentation
  2. Lack of Interactivity
  3. Inadequate Cross-Linking and Navigation
  4. Outdated or Insufficient Content

Our Solution

To address these challenges and improve user engagement on the informative website, our team implemented the following solutions:

Enhanced Content Presentation: We revamped the website’s design and content structure, incorporating visually appealing layouts, clear subheadings, bullet points, and relevant images or videos. 

Interactive Features: We introduced interactive elements like comment sections, ratings, and social sharing buttons, allowing users to actively engage with the content. 

Our Solution

Furthermore, the team worked on the following solutions:

Improved Navigation and Cross-Linking: We restructured the website’s navigation menu, implemented intuitive search functionalities, and established relevant cross-linking between related articles or topics. This made it easier for users to discover and navigate through the website, increasing their time on site.

Content Updates and Expansion: We audited the existing content, updated outdated information, and expanded on specific topics to provide more in-depth coverage. This helped to establish the website as a comprehensive and reliable source, improving user satisfaction and encouraging return visits.

Client Testimonial

We are extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by DomainStar in designing our business website. Their team demonstrated utmost professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail throughout the entire process. We highly recommend DomainStar to anyone seeking top-notch web design services.

Sotos Katsiamides

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