Premier Shukuroglou


Established in 1966, Premier Shukuroglou is a leading in the crop nutrition, crop protection and animal health business. Our services included:


  1. Social Media Strategy
  2. Facebook/Instagram Management & Advertisement

What we achieved:


People Reached




website traffic

Digital Strategy

After executing research, we were able to develop a social media strategy for Premier Shukuroglou, mainly focused on identifying the key campaign objectives, creating customer personas for each campaign, analysing competition both local and international, and creating design creatives that would match the messages we were going to promote.

Facebook Content Creation & Ads Management

Having Premier Shykuroglou’s target audience in mind, we designed creatives that would be used throughout our collaboration.

The message was clearly illustrated in order to achieve the respective objective.

Each post/campaign was then boosted by our Ads Management team in order to reach out to specific people that would see it and convert.

Instagram Content Creation & Ads Management

Following the brand’s guidelines and the strategy previously created by our team, we created a consistent monthly plan with the content that we would reach the audience. 

From static images to animation videos as well as professional photoshoots and video shoots by our multimedia team, we managed to attract and engage the audience.

Our ads management team boosted the posts in order to reach the targeted audience.

Client Testimonial

DomainStar has been a very good partner when it comes to our online marketing. They always listen to our goals and deliver everything on time.

Mikis Sparsis
Business Development Director

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