P.A College


P.A. College is a private Higher Education Institution (HEI) operating in Cyprus since 1983 and has Larnaca as its base-of-operations for easy access from within all other cities in Cyprus and abroad. Our Services included:


  1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Facebook Management & Advertisement
  3. Google Search & Display Ads Management & Advertisement 
  4. Performance Reporting & Monitoring

What we achieved:




Unique People Reached


website Traffic


Aver. CPC

Digital Marketing Strategy

Upon executing extensive research, we were able to develop a digital marketing strategy for P.A College, which consisted of main project objectives, target audiences definition, competitor analysis, market analysis, and ads & budgeting suggestions.

Facebook/Instagram Management & Advertisement

Having the target audiences in mind, a calendar plan was created for P.A College including all campaigns along with their design creatives, post text, and assigned budget.

Google Search & Display Ads Management & Advertisement

Based on the long term objectives, which were broken down into a number of short term objectives, we have created, managed, monitored and optimised a number of Google Search & Display Ads for P.A College. 

Reporting & Monitoring

Performance Reporting & Monitoring

DomainStar created, managed, monitored, and optimized P.A College’s campaigns. Custom end-of-month reports were provided to the client in order to understand the progress made against the agreed KPIs.

Client Testimonial

We have partnered with DomainStar in order to create more awareness about our collaboration with Keele University in the UK, among other objectives. Thank you for your work DomainStar.

Maria Patsalidou

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