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Louis Hotels, a renowned hotel chain operating in Cyprus and Greece, approached our agency with the goal of improving their online visibility, increasing organic search traffic, and ultimately driving more bookings through their website. With a diverse range of hotels and a commitment to exceptional service, Louis Hotels aimed to enhance their online presence and capture a larger share of the competitive hospitality market. Our services included:


  1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Search Engine Optimisation

What we achieved:


Increase in Organic Traffic


Total Keywords Ranked


1st Page Keyword Rankings

Campaign Objectives

  1. Increase organic search visibility for Louis Hotels’ website
  2. Boost organic search traffic to drive more qualified visitors
  3. Improve keyword rankings for key hotel destinations and relevant hospitality-related terms
  4. Enhance website performance and user experience to maximize conversion rates
  5. Establish Louis Hotels as a leading authority in the hospitality industry
To achieve these objectives, we formulated a comprehensive SEO strategy and executed the campaign over a 12-month period. The key strategies and tactics we implemented are as follows:

Strategy & Execution

Keyword Research and Optimization: We conducted in-depth keyword research to identify high-value and relevant keywords for each hotel destination. Using this data, we optimized the website’s meta tags, headings, content, and internal linking structure. This ensured that Louis Hotels’ website was effectively targeting the right keywords and attracting qualified organic traffic.

On-Page Optimization: We performed thorough on-page optimization, including improving site architecture, enhancing page load speed, optimizing image alt tags, and creating SEO-friendly URLs. 

Strategy & Execution

Content Strategy: We developed a content strategy focused on creating informative, engaging, and keyword-rich content. This included creating blog posts, destination guides, and articles highlighting the unique features and offerings of each hotel and destination.

Technical SEO: Our team conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit of the website, identifying and resolving issues that could negatively impact search visibility and user experience. This included optimizing site speed, fixing broken links, improving mobile responsiveness, and implementing structured data markup.

Link Building: We implemented a strategic and ethical link building campaign to improve the website’s authority and increase its visibility in search results. This involved acquiring high-quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites in the hospitality industry.


By executing a comprehensive and strategic 12-month SEO campaign, we successfully increased Louis Hotels’ online visibility, organic search traffic, and keyword rankings. The improved website performance and user experience further strengthened Louis Hotels’ position as a trusted brand in the hospitality industry. 

Leveraging the power of SEO, the campaign achieved remarkable results and positioned Louis Hotels to capitalize on new business opportunities and increase bookings through their website.

Client Testimonial

The DomainStar team can be characterized as a bunch of SEO nerds, always willing to go the extra mile and explain to us everything technical and non-technical related to the SEO service. We will definitely continue our collaboration with them!

Popi Tanta
Marketing Director

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