G. Neophytou & Sons


G. Neophytou & Sons ltd is a family business established in Cyprus that fabricates and installs architectural aluminium doors, windows and facades. Our services include:


  1. Social Media Strategy
  2. Facebook/Instagram Management & Advertisement
  3. LinkedIn Management & Advertisement

What we achieved:


People Reached




website traffic

Digital Strategy

After executing research, we were able to develop a social media strategy for the G. Neophytou brand, mainly focused on identifying the key campaign objectives, creating customer personas for each campaign, analysing competition both local and international and creating design creatives that would match the messages we were going to promote.

Facebook Content Creation & Ads Management

We have created content for G.Neophytou on Facebook which would adhere to the social media strategy roadmap. Each design template was created to have in mind the specific target audience.

The message was clearly illustrated in order to achieve the respective objective.

Each post/campaign was then boosted by our Ads Management team in order to reach out specific people that would see it and convert.

Instagram Content Creation & Ads Management

Following the brand’s guidelines and the strategy previously created by our team, we created a consistent monthly plan with the content that we would reach the audience. 

From static images to animation videos as well as professional photoshoots and video shoots by our multimedia team, we managed to attract and engage the audience.

Our ads management team boosted the posts in order to reach to the targeted audience.

LinkedIn Content Creation & Ads Management

LinkedIn was a different story…

It was the most crucial social media platform for our client in terms of conversions into leads that would eventually turn into loyal customers.

The creatives were more professional and targeted professionals based on a problem that the professional encountered. The posts provided the solution to the professional’s problem.

Client Testimonial

The DomainStar team understood our requirements and what we wanted to achieve in the long term. They came up with a plan and presented it to us. We have been working with them for the past year and will definitely continue our collaboration.

Neophytos Neophytou
Managing Director

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