Frixos Personal Cheffing


Frixos Personal Cheffing is a Foodie Expert and Food blogger based in Cyprus. The client’s needs were straight forward from the very start. They required a responsive website which would act as the main channel of communicating the recipes, along with social media presence and presence in Google, to drive traffic. We provided the following services:


  1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Website Design & Development
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Content Creation
  5. Ads & Performance Management

What we achieved:


People Reached




Organic Traffic


website traffic

Digital Marketing Strategy

The Digital marketing strategy included modules such as competition analysis, buyer persona definitions, SEO timeframes, Social Media timeframes, Design Creatives suggestions, ads & budgeting.


Website Design & Development

Having in mind the client’s main target audience, we designed and developed a brand new website to be used as the main central channel of the client’s online presence. The website acts as a blog filled in with recipes.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We have implemented our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) formula on the client’s website for 12 months. This includes both on-page and off-page tactics. The results speak for themselves!

Content Creation

DomainStar created, managed, monitored and optimised FPC’s campaigns. Content created for Frixos Personal Cheffing range from landing pages, to banners, to explanatory videos, promotional videos and animations.

Ads & Performance Management

Custom end-of-month reports were provided to the client in order to understand the progress made against the agreed KPIs.


Client Testimonial

Being sceptical on whether to use social media for my recipe’s creation, I was presented with a complete proposal from the guys of DOMAINSTAR, that made total sense. Their proposal not only covered my presence in all social platforms such as INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and TWITTER, but also entailed the creation of a WWW Blog where all my recipes would be organized and well presented as well as linked with the other platforms. Having gone through the above step with the DOMAINSTAR guys, I felt very comfortable with them and was ready to go into the next step. Thus, they organized my recipe video shootings and provided editing of them to reach the amazing 1-minute videos and further helped in providing such analytics that boosted my commercial status. Thanks so much and keep on coming with ideas on how to further elevate my cooking/recipes business/passion!

Frixos Demetriades

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