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FOX Real Estate Agency is a leading real estate firm dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise to clients in the real estate market. With a focus on delivering superior results and personalized solutions, FOX Real Estate Agency aims to be a trusted partner for buyers, sellers, and investOur services included:


  1. Digital Marketing Strategy Creation & Implementation
  2. Digital Marketing Consultation
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Google Ads Management & Advertisement
  5. End-of-month Performance Reporting

What we achieved:


Website Traffic Increase

2m 49s

Average Engagement Time Per Session





Digital Marketing Strategy

Our agency worked closely with FOX Real Estate Agency to develop a tailored digital marketing strategy that aligned with their business goals. This involved analyzing market opportunities, defining target audiences, and outlining key objectives to drive growth and visibility in the competitive real estate sector.


Digital Marketing Consultation

We provided ongoing consultations to FOX Real Estate Agency to guide them on digital marketing best practices, industry trends, and strategic recommendations.

Our team offered insights on optimizing their online presence, enhancing customer engagement, and maximizing ROI from digital marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented to improve FOX Real Estate Agency’s organic search rankings and increase their visibility to potential clients.

Our team conducted in-depth keyword research, optimized on-page content, and built high-quality backlinks to boost their search engine presence and drive targeted traffic to their website.

Reporting & Monitoring

Google Ads Management & Advertisement

Leveraging the power of Google Ads, we created and managed targeted advertising campaigns for FOX Real Estate Agency.

By optimizing ad copy, targeting specific keywords, and monitoring campaign performance, we were able to increase their online visibility, drive relevant traffic, and generate quality leads for their real estate services.

End-of-Month Performance Reporting

Transparent and data-driven reporting was conducted at the end of each month to evaluate the effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts for FOX Real Estate Agency.

We provided detailed insights into key performance metrics, campaign outcomes, and areas for improvement, empowering the client to make informed decisions and track their return on investment.




Our collaboration with FOX Real Estate Agency on digital marketing strategy creation, SEO optimization, Google Ads management, consultation, and performance reporting has yielded tangible results in terms of increased online visibility, lead generation, brand recognition, and data-driven decision-making.

By harnessing the power of digital marketing, FOX Real Estate Agency has asserted its presence in the real estate market and established a strong foundation for sustained growth and success in the digital landscape.

Client Testimonial

DomainStar is the go-to agency for any online marketing/software-related tasks and projects. They are very knowledgeable and are constantly up to date with the latest trends. Thank you for the support and amazing service up to now.

George Mouskides
Managing Director / Owner

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