FOX Estate Agency


FOX Smart Estate Agency is a network of Real Estate offices all over Cyprus. The company manages properties available in all the districts of Cyprus for sale and rent. Our services included:


  1. Digital Marketing Strategy Creation & Implementation
  2. Digital Marketing Consultation
  3. Content Creation
  4. Google Ads Management & Advertisement
  5. End-of-month Performance Reporting

What we achieved:


Website Traffic






Average Bounce rate

Digital Marketing Strategy

After executing research, we were able to develop a new online strategy for FOX Estate Agency, mainly focused on paid media activities, content, campaigns which included persona identification, preparation of the types of content to be used for the brand’s channels, and blog. 


Digital Marketing Consultation

DomainStar is responsible to review and audit the marketing campaigns performed by FOX Estate Agency, including Facebook/Instagram campaigns and organic SEO campaigns. Our approach makes sure that the campaigns are fully optimised in terms of ROI and the client has a clear plan as to what tasks are been performed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. End of month reports are created to view progress and discuss data.

Google Ads Management & Advertisement

FOX Estate Agency’s strategy included a number of Display and Search ads on Google. The campaigns were targeted to specific audiences with the aim of addressing both the short term and long term objectives of the client.

Reporting & Monitoring

End-of-month Performance Reporting

DomainStar created, managed, monitored, and optimized FOX Estate Agency’s campaigns. Custom end-of-month reports were provided to the client in order to understand the progress made against the agreed KPIs.

Client Testimonial

DomainStar is the go-to agency for any online marketing/software-related tasks and projects. They are very knowledgeable and are constantly up to date with the latest trends. Thank you for the support and amazing service up to now.

George Mouskides
Managing Director / Owner

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