Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2022

Since the invention of the world wide web (i.e: www), web design in Cyprus has changed dramatically, and 2022 will unveil a new era of design trends – being more simple, clean and visually attractive.

We will take you through the Top 10 website design trends you should be aware of for this year and beyond.

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Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic designs have been dominating the way of website design for almost a year now, and it continues to do so. Having a minimalistic design does not always imply having a simplistic design; it also means keeping a few elements to create a simple yet creative design, whilst removing any clutter.

How to Create a Minimalist Design:

    1. Determine what you want to show your users, then limit your resources and concentrate on consistent design.
    2. Make a list of all the key elements for your website, but make sure to leave out those that aren’t necessary.
    3. Keep the colours and fonts to a minimum before combining all of the parts.


3D Design 

One of the newest trends that many web developers have been applying.

3D designs really capture the attention of users and increase their interest in your website and brand – and because of the introduction of new tools for creating 3D graphics, this element is now commonly used.

This design should be applied in such a way that everything is kept as clear as possible. It works well with neon hues, and to balance them off, the website uses primary colours (white, black, and grey).

Use of Bot and AI 

Nowadays, everything is smart, from your phone to your TV to your watch, so why not make your website smart as well?

So, to make websites more user-friendly and “smart”, new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are being applied.

This technology will assist developers and designers in creating targeted and custom pages for your users based on demographics, search history, and other factors, allowing more engagement with them, your website and/or your brand.

Oversized Elements and Bold Typography

Strong, bold typeface and big text on websites is a recent trend. Oversized elements quickly capture and engage the user’s attention, while the bold and large characters might portray your brand message more than the smaller characters.

If you have a video or image as a background you can layer a bigger typography on top of it to make it stand out.
However, the information should be brief and to the point so that bold and large characters can easily fit on the page layout. 

Negative/ White Space

The empty spaces between the elements of a webpage are also known as “negative” or “white” space. The white space creates contrast and provides the right amount of balance. White space does not require a white colour as such; you can use any light colour that contrasts with your main theme.

This will help the user focus on the main material while also giving it a sleek and clean feel. The main goal of a minimalistic design is to make efficient use of white space on the website.

Split Content

This trend has seen a lot of developments for a number of years, and users adore it, while designers are attempting to apply this trend more frequently this year to offer the website a fresh and unique look.

Using split content you can deliver your message on a single page. For example, you may post material on one side and a photo or video on the other. To get the most out of this design, you can divide the page into two symmetrical halves, and experiment with colours, fonts and pictures, to create a visually appealing and eye-catching design.  

Animations and Dynamic Graphics

Videos can slow down your website, and web designers prefer to use animations, images and dynamic graphics to avoid this delay when loading a website.

Therefore, if you wish to give your website a more funky look you can create custom animation or motion graphics. The effective usage of graphics can help your business stand out! Users, as you know, prefer visual content such as animations, GIFs, and motion graphics overloaded text content!


In website design, simplicity entails the removal of all unnecessary features, a clean layout, two to three colour schemes, negative space, and uncluttered elements. The latest method to build a website is to keep things simple.

Simplicity can have three effects on your design:

    1. It makes everything neat and tidy, thus improving the overall layout and design. This enables consumers to browse and navigate the page easily.
    2. Simple designs load faster, which enhances customer satisfaction and improves your website’s search engine ranking.
    3. Simple designs are easier to create, manage, and edit.


Asymmetric Layout

Grid patterns are commonly used by designers to incorporate components on specified portions of the layout.

However, some designers are adopting a new trend by using a broken grid technique and incorporating the elements at random. So, if you want to make your website more creative, utilize this design style.

However, before you begin designing, prepare a plan of the arrangement and positions of the elements. A dynamic background with asymmetric information in bold typography will be the greatest mix.

Voice Interface

Voice user interface allows users to interact with websites through voice instructions; this technology is more beneficial and commonly used by people with physical impairments.

This is a pretty new trend, but we are confident that within a few years, voice interfaces will be available on every business website.

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