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Web Design

Cyprus Process

Great websites add great values to your business. From wire-framing to delivering the end product, we do it ALL.

01 Discovery

Every project starts with a simple discussion to get a feeling of what the client is looking for. This usually includes discussions around the main objective of the project and its desired features/functionality. We help the client spec-out all of his/her desired project features and take him through the potential pain points that these may arise. This gives an idea to the client as to what to expect.

website design cyprus
Website Design Cyprus

02 Wire-frame

The second stage of the process is the Wire-Framing of your project’s features. This is a very important step in any screen design process and one must always design their product to convert! Initially, it allows you to define the information hierarchy of your design, making it easier for you to plan the layout according to how you want your user to process the information and navigate through the website

03 Final UX/UI Design

The final design step completes the design phase of the project. All of the desired features are incorporated along with the branding guidelines of the client. Our UX/UI designers always consider the user friendly website principles when designing. The client will sign off on the final design in order to move the project into development.

Website Design Cyprus
Website Design Cyprus

04 Development

Once the design phase of the project is addressed and everything is agreed on, the project is then pushed to the development phase. Our front-end and back-end developers start structuring the website’s code. We always take into consideration the latest SEO guidelines, when writing the code. We like to work with an agile way thus we usually batch the development features into sprints (a sprint contains usually 4-6 features). Each sprint represents a number of features that will be developed, tested and provided to the client in order to get feedback.

05 QA Testing

Once all of the features are implemented into the software, we provide a one-month bug fixing service, completely free, which will allow us to iron out any unexpected software bugs. Software bugs are issues found in the system based on the pre-agreed features. Anything that doesn’t fall into this category are treated as change requests.

Website Design Cyprus
Website Design Cyprus

06 Hand Over

Everyone is happy 🙂 This is the most exciting phase of our collaboration with the clients – when we see our hard work paying off. Following up, we always consult our clients towards a Website Hosting & Maintenance package to support their new website. All digital assets are handed over to the client, including IP rights. You can always check our latest client projects for more information.