5 Tips for Choosing a Web Design and Development Agency

5 Tips for Choosing a Web Design and Development Agency.

If a brand wants to succeed, it needs to have the best tools to work with. It needs to get its message out to potential customers in an online world that is changing faster than ever. In today’s environment, a brand can’t be casual about choosing the web design and development agency that will build its website. An agency isn’t an optional partner in growth, but the key component in establishing a brand’s web presence effectively. Here are 5 tips any brand should think about before deciding what agency it will trust with its online future.

1) Experience Matters – Portfolio of Each Agency

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How long has a web design and development agency been in business? Who are its clients? The success of an agency can be determined by its portfolio. The portfolio demonstrates the quality of the agency’s work and how it has served its clients, both past and present. It is proof that an agency has done before what it promises to do for you now. If an agency is new, surprisingly inexpensive, with few clients or only short-term clients, or a poor portfolio, there is good reason for a brand to question whether that agency would serve its online needs.

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2) Cost and Value

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A brand’s online presence is no place to try to cut costs. The era of hiring a neighbour’s son-in-law to create a website is definitively over. The average smartphone user spends hours online, not minutes. It is vital for a brand to get its online presence right, or it will have wasted all the money it spent and be forced to start again.

3) Content Updating Access – Viable Content Management System for Usability

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The website belongs to the brand, not to the agency that built it. A brand needs the freedom to update its website at will, so a website that can’t be updated without a written request or a degree in computing is a project that has already failed. A Content Management System (CMS) allows a user to make changes to a website with tools similar to those of a word processor, and is a must-have feature of any new website. Some of the greatest Content Management Systems include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

4) Help and Support

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Too many companies learn the importance of technical support only after their website crisis has begun. In times of trouble, or even times of mild annoyance, the importance of competent, reliable, and reassuring technical support becomes obvious. Professional 24/7 technical support for a website is always a good investment. Visit our administration page for more information in regards to the technical implementations, community management and general changes one will require!

5) All in One

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Business is complex and complexity costs time and money. Hiring a single web design and development agency that provides all of the features and services a brand might need is a simple choice to make. With one relationship, a brand can get its website design and development at a reasonable cost, and its technical support as well. An all-in-one agency might offer additional services too, such as community management, logo design, and content management.

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