ASPERS Online Casino

ASPERS Casino is one of the oldest and most renowned casino in the UK market. We’ve been working with them for the past 11 months and the agreed marketing plan included a variety of online marketing services such as Content Creation & Distribution, Social Media Advertising, Native Advertising & Programmatic Media Buying.


ASPERS were in need for high value customer acquisition, targeting mainly 18-35 age, Males, living in the UK. The main objective was to increase the amount of sign ups (to be used for retargeting) & acquire First Time Depositors with recurring deposits.The challenge was to acquire players that are not only interested to abuse free offers but eventually would become loyal customers and keep re-depositing, providing high lifetime value (LTV) for ASPERS.To cut the story short, we’ve reached all the agreed performance indicators. These included:

  • Website Clicks – 85,268
  • Player Sign Ups – 19,276
  • First Time Depositors – 4,390
  • Returning Players – 3,787

How We Did it?

  • Content: Design and Development of bespoke landing pages, promoting ASPERS exclusive casino offers as well as the development of a new lead magnet resulted in ASPERS Casino traffic increasing by more than by 1,461%. In addition to referral traffic and paid media, total web traffic rose by 356%.
  • Distribution: Managing ASPERS Casino’s 5-figure paid media budget meant tracking their cost-per-conversion diligently to make sure they were achieving the desired ROI. If one channel or tactic was not performing, we would reallocate the budget to a channel that was converting at the desired cost-per-conversion.
  • Optimization: Using multivariate analysis, DomainStar was able to increase conversion rate on ASPERS Casino’s key landing pages from 5% to 18%. Combined with the increased traffic to the site, the overall digital marketing strategy resulted in 25 times more qualified leads.


Player Sign Ups – 19,276
Returning Players – 3,787
Website Clicks – 85,268
First Time Depositors – 4,390

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