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James was in the look for a stunning website in order to set the grounds for his newly established company. Initially, the project included only the development of an informative website, however throughout the lifecycle, DomainStar designed the branded logo as well as brand image guidelines for New Wood Trees. An amazing partnership was formed those early days of 2016…

When Nicholas Neophytou approached DomainStar, CCW was stuck in the middle of a previous unsuccessful implementation that was developed for the 2015 festival. DomainStar helped CCW to achieve the desired 2016 goals in a very tight 3-week deadline, by delivering a cross-compatible website, a calendar engine…

Michel approached us with a need of a fast & slick website that would make him look more professional in his path to his global expansion. The company already had a simple informative website lacked the beauty, slickness and elegancy. Therefore we stepped in and provided the ultimate solution, which…

Theodoros Georgallides approached DomainStar with the need of an attractive, fast-loading e-commerce informative portal. The new partnership between DomainStar & Ledra Originals proved to be mutual beneficial, as Ledra Originals have asked for more updates and DomainStar was more than happy to help…


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Pavlos Demetriades

Project Manager & Co-Founder

“We accept all the challenges or problems a client might be facing. Our strong, analytical strategists will identify the main problems, discuss them with you and offer viable solutions to tackle each.”

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